Jon Michael Wyman Design + Planning has been practicing sustainable design since a first passive solar residential project in 1984.  We continue to design houses that fit to the site in a conscious manner and to conserve resources by using passive heating and cooling, to maximize the use of natural light, and to employ sustainable building materials.  We also promote local suppliers and attention to detailing and craftsmanship in our projects resulting in construction that is extremely durable for a long life-cycle.

Our projects use energy efficient ideas such as highly insulated building envelopes, large roof overhangs and natural light and ventilation. Projects include double-walled and foam clad exteriors to employ the thermal break principle.  Efficient design creates enduring construction with long life-cycle and low-energy consuming materials.

Some of the energy efficient design strategies that we use include solar orientation, minimal site impact, north facing specialty glazing, deep overhangs for shading and protection of exterior elements, thick walls with thermal breaks and recycled insulation materials.  Material choices lean towards natural stone and wood, recycled steel, rain screen cladding, low VOC and water based paints.  All residences are provided with an energy recovery ventilation system for fresh air.

Let our energy efficient design experience work for your next project !

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